BioXene is a Hawaii-based nano-biotechnology company. Formed in 2004, the company’s mission is the development of the next generation nanobiosensors.

Utilizing BioXene’s proprietary patent-pending platform, BioXene is developing commercial products with distinct competitive advantages over existing products. Our homogeneous non-competitive nano-scale rapid detection assays do not require sample preparation, labeling or washing. Detection occurs in less than an hour and can be performed outside a laboratory without the aid of a skilled lab technician.

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March 1, 2008
Polyhistidine-tagged (HIS-tagged) protein sensors available. Revolutionary label-free FRET sensors directly detects HIS-tagged proteins in-solution while significantly reducing the detection time with minimal sample preparation.

June 24, 2007
USPTO grants patent on BioXene's platform technology.

June 01, 2007
BioXene accepted into BioSpots program at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM).

November 10, 2005
Honolulu Advertiser: UH researchers testing biosensors

October 1, 2005
Honolulu Advertiser: Isle firm buys rights to UH biotechnology

September 29 2005
Pacific Business News :UH Licenses technology to BioXene

September 28, 2005
Press Release: BioXene licenses Nanobiosensor technology